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myGPC is a website engaged principally in the business of Audio/video on demand and live streaming channel.

What we are

myGPC is a website engaged principally in the business of designing and managing websites, including webpages, for local government units (LGUs) and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Its mission is two-fold: (1) to help bring the LGUS closer to their constituents, whether in the country or overseas, and (2) to help the SMEs promote and popularize their products or services so that they improve their chances to survive, stabilize and grow in a globally competitive environment.

myGPC intends to accomplish its mission through the operation of this website to which LGUs are cordially invited to subscribe. In return, we offer to design and administer a webpage of their own through which they may disseminate important information to their constituents everywhere and their prospective investors. Said webpage can contain pieces of information such as major LGU programs and accomplishments, names and photos of present elective officials, including names and photos of prominent families and residents, tourist attractions, important landmarks, brief socio-economic profile or history, accessibility, major infrastructure, transportation and communications facilities, resource base, major products of the locality, and local investment opportunities and incentives.

We also cordially invite the SMEs to subscribe to our website and, in return, we offer to design and administer their individual webpage through which they can post information about their companies, their locations, their products or services, their sales promotions programs, job vacancy announcements, and their customers and suppliers.

To promote investments and help those in search of jobs, our website will also provide information on investment or business opportunities in selected industries, livelihood technology guides, selected industry studies, industry statistics, alternative financing programs, job opportunities, and directory of domestic and foreign buyers of major Philippine products.

Finally, to satisfy the hunger of overseas Pinoys for Philippine news (both print and broadcast), Filipino movies, television shows, Philippine sports, documentaries, autobiographies and biographies of great Filipinos, and the like, myGPC will provide individual subscribers easy access to these entertaining and informative materials.

This, in a nutshell, is what myGPC commits to serve its customers worldwide. In our quest for the best customer service possible, we enjoin our subscribers to give us immediate feedbacks. For only then can myGPC, in particular, and the Company, in general, be truly useful and relevant.

Our Skills


Meet the Team


Ritchel CastilloManager

Rebranding of corporate identity and retail channel. Develop brand strategy and implementation process. Use Design Thinking methodologies to strategize and conceptualize the customer experience for AmWest. Create prototypes to realize possible design solutions and develop company branded mockups to establish a consistent and coherent brand presence on internal and vendor managed websites and marketing portals. Collaborate with off-site developer to create robust proprietary marketing portal. Product identity, user research, user experience, prototyping, front-end development, usability testing and product launch. Creation of digital assets ranging from email templates, powerpoint presentations, social media advertising to animated banners and motion graphics. Creation of marketing collateral print templates. Flyers, postcards, magazine ads, folders, and stationary. ยง Project management and resource allocation for creative projects

Reynaldo B. AlmenarioVice-President

A local marketing and technical consultant to OPC, Mr. Almenario is a development manager and an economist by discipline, training and experience. He has had over 30 years of professional experience, both in government and the private sector.

Omer Oscar AlmenarioJournalism

Omer Oscar serves as editor for OPC. A journalism graduate of the Lyceum of the Philippines, he has had over three decades of professional experience as news reporter, editor, tv director/screenplay writer, essayist, poet and columnist with various national communications media

Engr. Renato L. CastilloPresident

Mr. Castillo is Proprietor and General Manager of Overseas Pinoy Channel (OPC) which owns MYGPC. A professional civil engineer by profession and a graduate of the FEATI University (Class 1975), he conceived of and developed in 1981 the idea about a Filipino Pay Television Station in Los Angeles, California to satisfy the need of Filipinos in the area for Filipino television programs. This gave birth to FIL-AM TV, Ltd. that he owned, a company cut short by a lost case against the powerful Los Angeles Archdiocese.

About Us

To contribute to the making of this dream world, the myGPChannel commits to reach out not only to Pinoys in all parts of the world, but to all regardless of race, of religion, of political persuasion or ideology--by giving them access to a global communications portal capable of interlinking them with brothers, sisters, relatives and the rest of humanity anywhere in the world.

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