About Us

myGlobalPinoyChannel (myGPC) is a business principally engaged in the design and operation of websites and webpages for local government units (LGUs) and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Our mission is two-fold: (1) to help bring the LGUS closer to their constituents, whether in the country or overseas, and (2) to help the SMEs promote and popularize their products or services so that they improve their chances to survive, stabilize and grow in a globally competitive environment.

We intend to accomplish our mission through the operation of this website to which LGUs are cordially invited to subscribe. In return, we offer to design and administer a webpage of their own through which they may disseminate important information to their constituents everywhere and their prospective investors. Said webpage can contain pieces of information such as major LGU programs and accomplishments, names and photos of present elective officials, including names and photos of prominent families and residents, tourist attractions, important landmarks, brief socio-economic profile or history, accessibility, major infrastructure, transportation and communications facilities, resource base, major products of the locality, and local investment opportunities and incentives.

We also cordially invite the SMEs to subscribe to our website and, in return, we offer to design and administer their individual webpage through which they can post information about their companies, their locations, their products or services, their sales promotions programs, job vacancy announcements, and their customers and suppliers.

To promote investments and help those in search of jobs, our website will also provide information on investment or business opportunities in selected industries, livelihood technology guides, selected industry studies, industry statistics, alternative financing programs, job opportunities, and directory of domestic and foreign buyers of major Philippine products.

Finally, to satisfy the hunger of overseas Pinoy’s for Philippine news (both print and broadcast), Filipino movies, television shows, Philippine sports, documentaries, autobiographies and biographies of great Filipinos, and the like, myGPC will provide individual subscribers easy access to these entertaining and informative materials. This, in a nutshell, is what myGPC commits to serve its customers worldwide. In our quest for the best customer service possible, we enjoin our subscribers to give us immediate feed backs. For only then can myGPC be truly useful and relevant.