Outside of natural causes, the above is a bullet-shape introductory that stands to symbolize an instrument of death. The content is a message or figure of speech that describes another deadly weapon that destroys or kills as much, if not more – not only of the dead – but also of the living. I call it: Stealing lives. Hopefully, to those, as they say, sleeping the sleep of the ages, may it come as a wake-up call; and to the rest of us, may be as a reminder of something much more. That’s right. Are you in the business or practice of stealing lives? I mean, people’s lives. If so, you would not want to read this book, because it would hit you right between the eyes, it being the antithesis to your anti people agendas. Or, you may still read it, that it might cause you to learn how to cleanse your soul. Whichever way you go, it would be right for you –  as a possible escape from your sins and conscience full of guilt. And for those simple folks like me, this is more for you. At the very least, for understanding of what’s happening around us so we might have an idea what we can do about it, especially on the part that concerns us the most. Here’s why … What’s happening to our world today is totally out of the ordinary that comes to us like a dose of daily bread. Like air, we breathe it every moment of our everyday life, until it makes us sick or even kills us in the process. It could not be helped, because it’s the very nature of us, uniquely human by definition. Is it hard to believe that’s it’s happening? Not quite, if we really come down to it like we should. For there’s nothing new about it. It’s being passed upon as if it’s the natural order of things. And so, it is or becomes. Because we have turned gutless to recognize what is good for our world – not only for our persons as individuals, but as a whole or as a humanity. First off, what is this business or practice of stealing lives? It’s very broad or it could be anything under the sun. So, let’s make it more specific. In my mind, we are all guilty of it, one way or another in our own miserable way. When we neglect to make good out of life, like leaving it to the will of Gods (this is particularly true in Catholic Philippines and in some Third World countries); so we sleep on it, and let our life go to waste, don’t you think it’s an inverse way of stealing one’s own life, that causes all his miseries? Right there, the dirty hand of guilt starts. How far this guilt goes, let’s find out. We must remember that life is a gift, the most precious one, it being the one we ever can have. (A second life, we sometimes her about, is just a figure of speech.) Our faith tells us it’s a gift of God. It could not come from somewhere else, because it could only come from a Supreme power – that is God. In translation, if we fail to nourish and nurture life, for whatever reason, we steal (literally, throw) our life away by our own hands. Which further means, that life is stolen away, not by anyone else, but by you or me. This is especially true to the poor in my country and to the world at large (see details in coming soon). Part 1

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