In all my previous writing (with humility, three books so far), I had a hard time deciding where to start. But not with this one. To begin with, and to borrow from The O’ Reilley Factor News, I also happen to call it, The Spin Zone. Because I felt most deeply it’s the spinning wheel of all the misfortunes, adversities and chaos that happened in the past, what’s getting worse today and every day, whether we have the gumption or gall to accept it or not.

Indeed, what mostly be talking about is the hunger or poverty of billions of people from every nook and cranny of their forsaken piece of earth. The reason being, because of stolen lives from under their noses by people who want the world only for themselves. Occupy Wall Street says, they’re the 99% among us who’re the victims of corporate greed and other manner of looting people’s lives by the 1% filthy rich on this planet. It’s this side of life that practically every bit and piece of trouble emanate from worldwide, believe it or not.

If you think I’m just talking through my hat, perhaps the following studies will not lie or should bolster the truth. Before, however, going into these studies to support my findings, allow me first to briefly re- introduce some events, past and present, specifically describing the circumstances that would make us see the whole stark reality in them- of what I’m trying to bring out to the attention of the world- so you can judge for yourself.

If by any happenstance you would find this ‘’Crying over a split milk,’’ because some of them are old, old issues, so antiquated they don’t jibe with the times anymore, you’ve a point there. Nevertheless, it just so happens, too, that our cries today are far louder than ‘’Cry Argentina’’ for what we did yesterday. Or, as Climate Change and the unabated man- inflicted phenomena happening (For example, in Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, North Korea, etc.) around the world would tell us, do they not look like we’re getting back something in return for our past undesirable actions and deeds? There’s also the centuries- old enmity- for one belaboring to steal the life of the other or from each other- between the Esraelis and Palistinians. So, I really wonder. Don’t you wonder, too?

So, for a moment, let’s wonder together into fantasy land, if we may. And let our imagination soar as far as possible- and even attempt to reach the impossible. What I have in mind, let’s pose for a second what would it mean if the richest or wealthiest One percent (1%) of the world would come together to help the 99% representing the poor. The only outcome I can think of is that, we would indeed have a better world for both the rich and poor. The planet would be more at peace, and harmony would be something new and grand.

Yes, (it’s alright if you would call me, ‘’ A Dreamer Out of Whack’’) what would happen if the 25 billionaires of the world would come together and put up some kind of ‘’Program for the Poor of the World’’, strategically located in each poor country around their forsaken pieces of planet earth, for example: Food for the Poor, Housing for the Poor, Education for the Poor, and the like? In 2011, according to Forbes, lead by Carlos Slim and Bill Gates, the first ten billionaires were worth $406.1 billion. With that figure, we all can see the picture how much these people can do for the poor – they would want to – to make a better world for all of us.

However, the problem here, I would say: it would be a miracle of the highest order. Perhaps, not of the heaven kind, but more of the humankind. When this impossible thing- which, think, the chance of it happening is even smaller than a tiny dot in the universe- occurs, in the annals of world history, it would mean an earthly phenomenon crying to high heavens for a blessing from the hands of God Almighty.

And for all that, I offer my fervent prayers, because what is here is the whole truth as seen and felt by one whose heart is full of pain for the Poor of Us, and who would carry the heavy load up to the sunset of his life. I sure hope you feel the same way. If not, you’re one of them. If still not, then may I just call you, the one who could care less about people or the world around you. With that thought, let me start with this kind of pain- yes, old and new:

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